Raja Peary Mohan College Library

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OPAC terminals and Internet browsing/e-journals accession point

Total area of the library (in Sq. Mts.)

296.24 sq. m.

Total seating capacity


Working hours (on working days, on holidays, before examination days, during examination days, during vacation)

Working hours on working days, before examination days, during examination days are from 10:30 am to 5:15 pm. During vacation & holidays, the library remains closed

Layout of the library (individual reading carrels, lounge area for browsing and relaxed reading, IT zone for accessing e-resources)

The Library has the specified areas for effective learning and knowledge building process like area for browsing, reading & IT zone for accessing e-resources for students and teachers.

  1. Complete Accession Numbering System & cataloguing of all books/ journals based on user friendly Multi-Digit Alpha Numeric Decimal based numbering system according to the latest 22nd edition of Dewey System.
  2. Local Area Network (LAN) use LIBSYS software which has been procured for automating in-house activities and services of the library.
  3. Eight computers are installed in the library to facilitate the following work:
    • Server for internal LAN for LIBSYS software and Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC); (1)
    • Nodal point for issues/returns of books and journals; (2)
    • Terminal for internet and e-resource usage; (1)
    • Terminal for continuation of backroom work on accession numbers to be given to new books/journals; (1)
    • 3 nodal points for Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) available to the users in order to enable them identify the status of documents in the library. (3)

    Separate reading table for teachers

  4. One photocopier and printing facilities.
  5. Books and Journals on Competitive Examinations are the unique facilities for career planning and development programs.
  6. Internet facility with 1 computer terminal. The Internet access is opened between 10: 30 am to 5.15 pm on all working days
  7. Online search and full text e-journals are made available. (login/pass on request)
  8. Library volunteers to help readers trace the books
  9. Reading room for students & a separate study table for staff
  10. Display of new arrivals, exhibitions on special events, seminars/ workshops/ conferences and group discussions are arranged to encourage readers to use existing and new arrivals. The new additions to the library are informed to the Departments. Faculties are informed about the latest additions relating to their projects/thrust areas of research.
  11. The practice of “Demand slip” ensures the reader about the issue and availability of the book needed.
  12. The Library has a collection of rare books are stored separately in closed access and are provided on demand.
  13. Indian journals are subscribed directly through authorized agencies/vendors. Books are procured from all over the country. Book sellers/Publishers are encouraged to send latest books on approval basis.
  14. Procurement procedures have been simplified to avoid delay. Budget allocation is made at the beginning of the academic year and effectively utilized by the departments
  15. Maintaining peaceful and academic environment
  16. Regular watch and security is monitored by staff the proper control over the safety of library materials