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The Central Library Reading Room

  1. The Library remains open on all working days except on holidays and Sundays.
  2. The Reading Room is open to all students from 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Attendance is maintained by a daily register.
  3. Two books at a time may be issued from the home lending section to Honours students and one to General degree students for a period of 15 days.
  4. Books borrowed by the students must be returned to the Library within the specified date failing which late fines will be charged as per rule. Presently for each book, a late fine of Rs.5 per week is charged.
  5. Defaulters of tuition fees are not allowed to borrow books.
  6. There is special Reference section and Rare books sections where no loan facility is available. Books from these sections can only be read in the Reading Room with necessary permission from the library authorities.
  7. Any student who borrows books from Library without permission or tears pages out of library books will be subject to the severest penalties.
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    Students in the Reading Room

    Books lost must be replaced by latest edition of the same or compensated in cash, the amount of which will be decided by the college authority.
  9. Books are to be issued in the Reading Room on presentation of the Students' Identity Card which will remain with the librarian as long as the books are in use.
  10. Please ask for the password from library staff in the specified browsing zone for gaining access to the e-books and e-journals.
  11. It is mandatory to sign the log book before using the browsing facility in the library while accessing e-books and e-journals.
  12. No students are allowed inside the Library with bags. A separate place is specified where the bags are to be kept before entering the Library.
  13. Silence should be strictly maintained within the precincts of the Library.
  14. Mobiles phones are to be switched off after entering the Library.
  15. The Library is under the surveillance of Closed Circuit cameras to ensure optimum security.